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Dell: Dell provides solutions, services and technical support. The wide range of WorldIT offer includes notebooks, netbooks, tablets, desktop computers, monitors, servers and storage.

HP: Provider of proven solutions for business, offering storage, servers, racks and backup software, as well as for home users – desktop computers, laptops, notebooks, network devices and printers.

Qnap: Manufacturer of NAS solutions, providing storage and network drives to store and protect data.

IBM: IBM integrates hardware (arrays, servers, desktop computers, laptops), software (management, backup, archiving) and IT services, creating solutions for businesses of all sizes.

Synology: Supplier of physical network solutions for network security, storage and data recovery (NAS) as well as sharing of services and applications in the cloud.

Acronis: New-generation solutions for backup, data recovery and access security. Acronis products, based on the mechanism of AnyDATA, allow to perform, safely and easy, a complete backup of all files, applications and operating systems in any environment – virtual, physical, cloud and mobile.